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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Just Lost my Blog Virginity

Not sure if I should just jump right in here and start writing as if I've always been a blogger, or...should I introduce myself and explain why the heck I'm doing this. Hmmmm...well, since I am a pretty self-indulgent soul, who likes to hear myself talk (or really, I guess it's more like - see myself think?) I'l divulge the impetus behind this new endeavor...

I am and always have been - a "journal-er". Writing helps me sort shit out (plus I just really enjoy it!) About 5 months ago, I FINALLY ended a long, tremendously painful and seriously detrimental relationship (trust me, you'll get to hear PLENTY about that whole fiasco after we've spent a little more time together) and I discovered that online dating had the potential to be an effective means by which I might effectively distract myself for good this time, from what would have historically been impending reconciliation with my ex-beau, Jimmy. I had resisted the whole notion of online dating for, well...forever up to that point, chalking it up to being ridiculous nonsense to which only TRULY desperate singles must resort in an attempt to find someone with whom they might build a successful, loving relationship - putzes! Not to mention, I was altogether skeptical about it actually being a viable means to meet a mate. But, out of sheer desperation and being adamantly determined to never relapse into the Jimmy nightmare, again...driven by an unwavering compulsion to resist getting caught in his crippling snare...absolutely certain that this time I was REALLY through with his bullshit (am I making myself clear?) I embarked on my maiden voyage into the as of yet, uncharted waters of internet dating. I quickly found myself completely immersed in my mission to find my happiness with a brand-spanking-new man and as I fed my addiction to online dating, my daily journal entries began to take a back seat and eventually I ceased writing at all. I recently realized just how negligent I have been for the last few months, in keeping up with my writing - I have been utterly distracted, to say the least. When I checked, I discovered that my last journal entry was written nearly two months that's just plain sad. So, ok, this blog business seems to me to be the perfect forum by which I may begin to stretch my mind and fingers again as well as bounce the mounting stories, theories and perplexities that are the result of my virtual adventures, off of you guys. Well, looky here...I'm getting "buzzed" by some potential Romeo as we speak, I better go see who it is...Don't wait up for me, heh, heh!

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